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14 April 2011 @ 04:59 pm
the roomies: a ray/neela picspam, part one  

A while back, I mentioned that I was doing an ER re-watch starting at Season 11, the season that Shane West joined the cast as Dr. Ray Barnett. The only story that kept me watching through the final seasons was Ray/Neela.  It was at times lovely and at times heartbreaking, sometimes even painful to watch. But they finally, finally found their way back.

So here goes.  This first part spans seasons 1 and 2. I included the most defining moments in their relationship, as well as some of my personal favorites.


11.01 (One For The Road)
Neela: Who's that?
Abby: One of the new interns.

This scene marks the first time our beloved Roomies lay eyes on each other. And Neela obviously takes note of his roguish good looks. Which is kinda funny considering Ray so does not look like a rock star here. The hair? Really?

11.03 (Try Carter)
Ray: Didn't she used to work in the hospital?
Abby: Neela?
Neela: Hello and welcome to Jumbomart. Can I help you?
Neela: We have a special on our fourth of July cupcakes, buy two and get one free.
Ray: Wow, sweet!
Again, there's not much interaction in this scene, but I had to include it. How could I not include the origins of "Dr. Jumbomart." I love how amused Ray looks throughout this entire scene. And how unamused and consequently adorable Neela looks. 
11.08 (A Shot In the Dark)
Ray: All he needed was a little hand-holding Neela. I mean, God, is that so hard for you?
Neela: Look, don't turn this around and make it about me. You promised to help him.
Ray: No, I told hi -
Neela: You know it's not my job or anyone else's to keep your promises.
Ray: My shift was over.
Neela: He was counting on you!
Ray: I had a gig.
Neela: Screw your gig, medicine isn't a day job!
I love this scene for many reasons. First, Neela - who is known from keeping an emotional distance from her patients - reacts emotionally to Ray's abandonment of his patient. It was nice to see her get all riled up for once. Second, she doesn't hold back and just totally rails him. Third, because of this, Ray actually seems to feel guilty. Fourth, he watches her walk away.
11.09 ('Twas the Night)
- Neela throws snowball at Ray -
Neela: Miami?
I don't think much explanation is needed for this one. It's adorable, plain and simple.
11.11 (Only Connect)
Ray: Oh, it's ugly out there.
Neela: You usually do early shifts right so you can go for gigs with your band?
Ray: Yeah, yeah, and if you stick to your late shifts and your overnights...
Neela: Weeks could go by and we might never see each other...
Ray: Months, even... welcome, roomie!
Neela: God, I'm going to regret this.
And so it begins! What's not to love in this scene, really? The banter about never seeing each other and Neela pretending like that's why she's moving in. The handshake. Ray's smirk. Neela's "God, I'm going to regret this." Perfection.
11.13 (Middleman)
Neela: Ray, the plumber came and the shower's fixed.
Ray: Oh, hallelujah, I love you!
Neela: You owe me eighty bucks. You ready to sign out?
Despite its brevity, there is so much to love in this little gem of a scene. Just thinking about Ray and Neela and a shower at the same time just brings dirty thoughts to my mind. Also, he says I LOVE YOU. I don't care about the context, those three words came out of his mouth. Finally, just the way her face lights up as he walks away is lovely. I'm sure she's imagining his hot naked body in the shower. I know I was.
11.16 (Here and There)
I didn't include the dialogue here, because its really not relevant. Or what I like about this scene, especially because Ray is trying to set Neela up with his friend. WHY? I included this scene because I'm basically a sucker for any scene that includes really close physical proximity.  I also included this scene because it's the last non-work scene for quite awhile, at least from what I can remember.
Now, we're skipping ahead several episodes. If I neglected an awesome scene between episodes 11.16 and 12.06, PLEASE let me know. And I will add it in. It just seems crazy that ten+ episodes would pass without any significant interaction.
12.06 (Dream House)
Neela: Zoey's here. She's in exam 2.
Ray: She is.
Neela: Yes, she is. Oh, and I almost forgot, she's fourteen years old.
Ray: Shut up.
Neela: She was born in 1990, Ray.
Ray: What?
Neela: That's the decade immediately preceding the one that we're in.
Ray: Are you for real?
Neela: Yes, and in prison math I believe fourteen equals five to ten.
Ray: Where is she?
Neela: Exam 2. And here's the kicker, Jerry Lee, your prepubescent penis pal has Chlamydia.
Ray: I had no idea she was that young.
Neela: Young? She's still teething. Although, I don't know, maybe you enjoy that.
Ray:  She didn't say anything, how was I supposed to know.
Neela: Take her out for coffee, converse with her a bit, before you start boffing and handing out house keys.
Ray: I don't card my dates, okay?
Neela: Oh, well maybe it's time that you started.
Ray: 1990?
Neela: It was a very good year for Chlamydia.
Despite the fact that it involved Ray sleeping with a fourteen year-old girl, I rather enjoyed the Zoey arc. Mostly because it led to some hilarious conversations between the Roomies. Especially this one. The dialogue speaks for itself. The scene the directly follows this one - the one where Ray confronts Zoey about her age - is quite hilarious as well, especially because of Ray and Neela's facial expressions. But I didn't include it, as it's not Ray/Neela centric.
12.08 (Two Ships)
Neela: Sorry.
Ray: Yeah, still a little tender.
Neela: All things considered, you got off easy.
Ray: Oh yeah, my ass kicking was a breeze, all I had to do was lay there.
Neela: It beats jail time. Sit.
Ray: Heard from Gallant?
Neela: Not yet, he got stuck.
Ray: He's still coming home, right?
Neela: Not at the moment.
Ray: Oh, that's cool. I mean, too - too bad. But, uh... maybe I can come home now?
Neela: No.

Aw, poor Ray. Not only does he get punched in the face by Zoey's father, but he also has to leave his apartment because the woman he loves is going to sex it up with her army boyfriend who's coming home. My favorite part of this scene is that Ray slips up and says "that's cool" when she tells him Gallant got held up. And then he tries to cover it up, though rather unsuccessfully because we all know its not sincere.
12.08 (Two Ships)
Ray: When's the last time you saw her?
Pratt: I told you, we were a block apart.
Ray: You should've kept an eye on her.
Pratt: What, you think you could've done better?
Ray: I wouldn't have let her go into a burning building, and I sure as hell wouldn't have left her there.
 Okay, so this isn't really a Ray and Neela scene, but I had to include it because it is awesome and important.  I really feel like we really didn't get to see much of Ray and Neela's relationship as Ray's feelings developed. We knew that they spent time together at the apartment (and watched movies), but we never got to see that.  I think this scene really confirmed Ray's deeper feelings for Neela. I love how Pratt and Ray are working together to try to save a patient and all Ray can think about is Neela. And he's pissed as hell at Pratt, which is hot.

12.16 (Out on a Limb)
Neela: Ray...
Ray: Hey. Um. Hmm.
Neela: Were you watching "Ghost"?
Ray: What? No. No, it's the game.
Neela: Where's your date?
Ray: Oh yeah... Uh. Hmmm, something happened.
Neela: She stood you up.
Ray: Yeah, fine.  You know, if that's what you want to hear. She stood me up, okay.
Neela: Well, you are a mere mortal after all.
Neela: This is utterly pathetic.
Ray: What?
Neela: This. Married woman living like a college student, crying next to a roommate on a sofa.
Ray: Okay, well I have something that will make you feel better.
Neela: You recorded it for me?
Ray: Anything for my roomie.
ADJKDKFJAOEH FHKJDHFEAF. THIS SCENE IS SO PERFECT. It is definitely in my top five, if not my top two or three. Ray tapes the World Poker Tour for her! He says "ANYTHING FOR MY ROOMIE!" Neela rests her head on his shoulder! He looks at her and smiles. He leans back on the sofa and smirks. I LOVE THEM SFM.
12.17 (Lost in America)

So, there is quite a bit of lovely dialogue in this scene, but I decided not to post it. Mostly because I'm lazy and because this picspam is already taking for-freaking ever, as is. Also, who was really paying attention to what they were saying? I mean, the BOY IS HALF NAKED. The important part is that Neela is frazzled because she feels unprepared for her presentation because they have spent all of their time together watching old horror films from the 1970s. Which is awesome because it implies two things. First, they are spending a ridiculous amount of time together because that's an entire decade of films. Second, they are horror films so I am just imagining them being all cute on the couch. Not that Neela scares easily, but still. Boy + girl + horror film = Some form of touching.  Also, again, THE PHYSICAL PROXIMITY is killing me. And the looks that linger a little longer than they should. They love each other. Neela's just too stupid to actually admit it. Oh yeah, and she's married to her husband who has been absent since they got married.
Now, there's this really lovely little scene that I didn't make an image for - because it's Neela and Dubenko - but I had to mention.
Neela: I know I may appear to be this kind of wild, spontaneous girl who plans her wedding in a day, and sits here getting drunk with her attending in a hotel bar, but I am not. I am boring! Really boring. All I want to do is hang out at home with my roomate.
Dubenko: Your roomate? Dr. Barnett?
Neela: Yeah... Ray.
Dubenko: That's nice, it's good that you two get along so well.
Neela: Yeah, we do.
- Neela stares of into space and thinks about Ray - 
This is the part where Neela finally realizes that her feelings for Ray run really deep, and therefore are inappropriate considering she's married. But we don't judge her. Because who wouldn't fall in love with Ray.
12. 17 (Lost in America)
Ray: I am making a stir fry, beer or wine?
Neela: Neither, I am exhausted and already drunk.
Ray: Right. Here, taste this, fresh water chestnut.
Ray: Alright, well I rented "The Omen" and I was too scared to watch it alone.
Neela: Ray...
Ray: It's better than "The Exorcist", I promise. It's a classic.
Neela: That's what you said about "The Exorcist."
Ray: True, but...
Neela: Ray...
Ray: I know you are tired.
Neela: Ray...
Ray: Okay, well I know you don't like devil movies, it's the last one, I promise.
Neela: I think... I should move out.
Ray: Why?
Neela: I think we both know why.
This scene was the start of the heartbreak that lasted for, oh, at least two more years. It really is such a sad scene to watch because we all know what Neela is thinking, yet Ray is totally oblivious. He thinks its going to be like any other night. Food, wine, a horror movie. And then Neela has to go and break his heart.
12.18 (Strange Bedfellows)
Ray: You are moving out like tonight?
Neela: I'll get to the post office when I can, get my mail forwarded.
Ray: You don't even want to wait until you at least find a new place.
Neela: I don't think that's such a good idea.
Ray: Yeah, probably right. Hey, all good things, right?
- pause where they both look at each other and don't know what to say - 
Ray: Sure had a lot of fun though. Maybe the next guy won't drink all my tequila. You need a hand with anything?
Neela: Oh, no thanks.
Ray: Pizza?
Neela: I better get going.
Ray: Okay.
- they stand (very close to each other) in the doorway and Neela hands Ray his T-shirt - 
Ray: You know I have been looking for this for like a month.
Neela: Yeah, I rather like sleeping in it.
My heart after this scene? Broken into a million little pieces. When Ray says "all good things, right?" Just, I cannot. And again, the physical proximity in the doorway killed me. Oh, and the fact that SHE SLEEPS IN HIS SHIRT. Writers, WHY OH WHY, did you not put these two together? (Until the very end, of course.)
12.18 (Strange Bedfellows)
Ray: Neela. Look, please. Just one second. Please. I wish I didn't feel how I feel. You're the best friend I've ever had.
So you know how I said that last scene broke my heart into a million pieces? Well, this scene broke those pieces into a million more pieces. Neela's seeming indifference (although we all know she is a total mess inside) and Ray's complete sadness. Heartbreaking. And "YOU ARE THE BEST FRIEND I'VE EVER HAD." I cannot. I just wanted to slap Neela silly and give Ray a really big hug. And then he offers her the T-shirt that she loves as she's leaving. Why didn't she just take the damn shirt? We all know that she wanted to. After this scene, I really thought that they wouldn't be able to break my heart any more. But that obviously wasn't true.
12.21 (The Gallant Hero and the Tragic Victor)
Ray: I am so sorry Neela. We all are.
Neela: I was probably ordering a latte or watching celebrity poker when he was being blown up by a bomb. Just like that he's gone.
Ray: Listen, if you need anything, or want me to do anything...
Neela: No, Ray, I don't.  I don't... need you to do anything. I just... I need to get back to work.
- Neela tries to leave and Ray holds on to her arm and stops her -
Ray: No, Neela. Look, you need to go home and take care of things. You need to take care of yourself.
Neela: You know. I don't have a home, I don't have a husband, I don't have anything. All I have is this stupid hospital.
And at this, all I wanted to do was scream: Neela, YOU  HAVE RAY. You have an amazing ex-roomate who is so in love with you and is willing to be there for you in any way that you need him. Let him be there. I think that's what I found so touching about this scene. Ray really came to her as a friend and you could see how genuinely sad he was for her. He didn't have his own agenda, he just wanted to be there for her.  And of course, Neela just backs away and leaves.
So, that concludes the first part of the picspam. I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane.
If all goes as planned, I will be posting Part Two later this evening, which spans Seasons 13 and 15.
Also, some of the highlights are posted on my tumblr.
Comments are love.
mb まりこ: ER Ray Neela bwmarikology on April 15th, 2011 02:55 am (UTC)
cannot comment. am ded from squee. GOD I LOVE THEM!
lapiccolinalapiccolina on April 15th, 2011 06:40 am (UTC)
starry_laa: Ray and Neela: Handshakestarry_laa on April 15th, 2011 10:11 am (UTC)
Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

"You're the best friend I ever had." IT STILL MAKES ME EMOTIONAL.
erstwhile_jaberstwhile_jab on May 10th, 2011 02:36 pm (UTC)
Hee, I just found this - oh man! You make me want to delve into my DVDs and re-live it all again! This is an awesome compilation - although there are a few other, very minor scenes that come to mind from this time period:

- they're grocery shopping at the Jumbomart (and Ray may or may not have wacky glasses on) when Neela sees the supposed 'father' of some kids she treated, which leads into...
- them going to the kids' house where they make a gruesome discovery and Ray instinctively protects Neela from the scene and then going in to check for himself

- some case he worked on and stuffed up and she comes in to yell at him for it (it starts with her going into an exam room and being all "GET UP!" to him and he, despite being all 'wtf?' about it, complies - she gets so passionate about his wrongdoings! :P

- oh! i think it's the fifth episode of season 12, clemente's first day (am i an ER nut? who me? nah...) and ray is passing out fliers about his band performing that night - he asks her specifically "roomie, are you coming?" and she's all "it's why i wake up in the morning" and his expression makes me lol afterwards, coz he's just so damn amused and confused by her!

- somewhere in the 7th episode, neela wears a sexy LBD to work in prep. for gallant's arrival, but not before she's ogled by the male staff, including ray i believe. they later decide to skip some end of work meeting (possibly held by eve, the heinous nurse) and go have drinks or eat dinner or something about her dinner reservations (before poor ray gets a smackdown)

Again, very minor scenes, and this is a sublime compilation. Going to go read part 2 now!
propiavoz: b&s; rebecca; arms crossedpropiavoz on May 10th, 2011 05:22 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks!

Oh man, I don't know how I could have forgotten to add the shopping at the Jumbomart scene?! And while I loved the fact that Ray shielded Neela from the dead body (of the mother, I believe), I didn't add the scene. Something about dead bodies and pretty picspam just doesn't fit.

WHY DO I NOT REMEMBER THESE TWO SCENES THAT YOU MENTIONED? I guess I didn't watch the 11th and 12th seasons as closely as I thought. I have a very hard time getting through the 13th season for obvious reasons and therefore didn't watch it very closely, but I thought I was pretty well-versed on seasons 11 and 12. I guess I'll have to go back and rewatch!

And yes, the sexy LBD. Ray DEFINITELY checked her out, as did the entire male staff. I think I just got lazy and thought it was minor in comparison.
profshallowness: Push Nick/Cassieprofshallowness on August 27th, 2011 07:17 am (UTC)
Wow, this must have been a stupendous amount of work, but thanks for doing it, because what a trip down memory lane. All those interactions reminding me of the moments that built up their relationship and made me such a 'shipper, and all that RAGE at the powers that be for not letting them be together and adorable happy.