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14 April 2011 @ 09:39 pm
the roomies: a ray/neela picspam, part two  
Here is the second part of my Ray/Neela picspam, which spans Seasons 13 and 15.

I thought I would preface this by saying that I went very light on the scenes from early on in Season 13. With the exception of a few episodes toward the end, this season was very difficult to watch in terms of Ray/Neela. It was all Ray walking around heartbroken while Neela jerked him around and gallivanted about with Gates. (I love Neela, but I HATED this.) With the exception of one scene from the sixth episode, this picspam covers the key scenes from episode sixteen and beyond. It also has been a long while since I've watched this season all the way through, so if I missed an important scene, please let me know and I'll add it in later.

13.06 (Heart of the Matter)
Neela: I am coming, wait a second. Who is it?
Ray: It's Ray.
Neela: What are you doing here?
Ray: You wanted me to look at your TV.
Neela: It's 6:30!
Ray: I work in an hour. Brought you Krispy Kremes... Are you okay?
Neela: Yeah, I'm just a little out of sorts. Look, my cable isn't working.
Ray: Okay, I'll take a look at it.
Neela: I am going to go get dressed.
Let's face it, there's not much to love about the early episodes of Season 13, from the Ray/Neela perspective, at least. But there's something about this scene that I just love. Neela is just looking a hot mess. I love that while she is surprised to see Ray, she doesn't seem that uncomfortable about him seeing her all groggy and frazzled. There's a comfort there that never disappeared. Oh, and even though she's been jerking around his heart, he still shows up to help her fix her TV. With Krispy Kremes in hand. Does a man like this really exist in real life? Why is she so stupid?  Oh, and the dirty look that she gives him as she saunters off to her room? Love.
13.16 (Crisis of Conscience)
Neela: Can I, uh, get your advice on something.
Ray: Uh, yeah. Of course.
Neela: Well, let's say I knew a really nice person about to do a pretty bad thing but this bad thing had really good consequences for a bunch of people.
Ray: You don't need my advice.
Neela: Yes, I do.
Ray: Nah, nah, because you've got like this ethical alarm system hardwired into your brain, makes you a self-righteous pain in the ass, but it's one of the best things about you.
Seriously, I don't understand this man. Why is he so perfect? Seriously, she has been jerking him around for months. And he still manages to not only tolerate her, but actually say sweet things to her. And Neela looks lovely, even though I want to slap her almost all the time. Although, this scene is the first of a series of lovely scenes. I think she's having problems with Gates at this point. I can't really remember, TBH, because I try to block out as much of the Gates/Neela ickyness as possible.
13.16 (Crisis of Conscience)
Ray: Getting off soon?
Neela: Uh yeah, thank God.
Ray: Me too. Want to grab a beer?
Neela: Sounds good, but um, I've got some dictations to do.
Ray: Okay, another time
- Neela walks down the street to the bar to find Ray, Ray is about to leave when Neela takes the seat next to him - 
Neela: Leaving so soon?
Ray: Guess not.
ADJKDKJFKDSJFKAEJF. This scene was SO LOVELY, especially after nearly an entire season of angst. They're just SO FREAKING ADORABLE together. I mean, just look at them. Their chemistry is just so natural and fresh and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. For the first time in a long time, Neela actually does the right thing (i.e. goes to Ray).
13.17 (From Here to Paternity)
Ray: Okay, yeah, that was, that was a fun night.
Neela: Oh, God, it seems like a million years ago.
Ray: Well, we could do that again sometime.
Neela: Minus the whiskey. I can't bounce back like I used to.
Ray: Oh yeah, tell me about it.
Neela: Well, thanks for the ride. I hope I'll see you tomorrow.
Ray: I'm off...
Neela: Okay, then, I'll see you when I see you.
- Neela is about to get out of the car, Ray puts his hand on hers -
Ray: Neela...
ADJKFJDKAFHEIAFEKRJEA. FIRST KISS LOVELINESS. My only complaint about the kiss is that it wasn't longer and that the lighting was so dark. Otherwise, I would have icon-ed the shit out of this scene. This kiss was such a long time coming. And it was so mutual. And it was just so sweet. Oh, and does anyone else want to know what they're talking about before they kiss? I wish that was a scene we had gotten to see. Can I just imagine that they got really drunk of whiskey and blacked out and just don't remember that tthey actually had really great sex that night? And does anyone else find it kinda funny that Neela says that "she can't bounce back like she used to" as if a decade had passed since this supposed "fun night" happened.
13.18 (Photographs and Memories)

Neela: Oh, hi. I'm getting coffee.
Ray: Hey, uh, tea. (walks around her) Excuse me. (picks up coffee pot) Honey?
Neela: Yeah? What? Sorry. Here. (hands him the honey)
I love this scene SFM. Of course, I love the fact that they are physically close to each other. Especially when he leans in and says "honey." I love that she thinks he's calling her "honey" and then feels awkward when he's talking about actual honey. I really just love the awkwardness of this scene. It's just delightful.
13.18 (Photographs and Memories)
Ray: B-10. You didn't actually mean to put in Get Down Tonight?
Neela: I like KC and the Sunshine Band... besides, it's a hell of a lot better than the choice that you made.
Ray: Oh, hey, hey! Woman by Wolfmother, that is destined to be a classic.
Neela: On what planet?
Ray: You know, I know we're pretending to be normal and I know we're pretending this isn't awkward, but, uh, it's kinda awkward, isn't it?
Neela: Yeah, kinda.
Aw, they kissed and now they feel super awkward about it! And I love it! This scene is fantastic. The banter about music mixed with a little hope that things are going to turn out okay. Oh, and the fact that Neela TAKES RAY BY THE HAND AND DRAGS HIM OUT ONTO THE DANCE FLOOR. And the fact that they're both smiling again.
13.21 (I Don't)
- Ray hands Neela a CD with a picture of them on the cover - 
Neela: What's this?
Ray: It's for you. I started doing a little bit of recording again, on my own, and it's got some songs I've been working on.
Neela: Yeah, it's great.
Ray: There's one about you, that you'll have to figure out. Plus a few others, you know, some songs we used to listen to when we were roommates.
Neela: I'm sorry, Ray.
Ray: About what?
Neela: I thought I was coming alone and he just turned up, I... I didn't know what to do.
Ray: No offense, but uh, not knowing what to do has become your base line.
Neela: This isn't easy for me, Ray. I've had a pretty hard time ever since... losing Michael. I still haven't quite...
Ray: Yeah, I know.
Neela: I mean, Tony was new. There's not history. He didn't make me think about things from before. Maybe I rushed into it because it made moving on easier.
Ray: So I feel like history to you?
Neela: Well, I couldn't separate you from Michael. I couldn't be with you and not feel guilty.
- Ray takes her hand and touches her wrist - 
Ray: What about now?
Neela: Now? Not sure all that matters anymore.
Ray: Meaning?
Sometimes it's hard for me to watch this scene when I think about everything that happens after. But by itself, this scene is truly lovely. The picture on the CD cover is adorable. Isn't it the same one that Ray pulled off the fridge and looked at with nostalgia that one time? They just look so happy. And he wrote a song about her? Why didn't we ever get to hear that song? I just really love how understanding Ray is... sometimes I think he's too understanding. And the "so I feel like history to you?" and the fact that he TAKES HER HAND AND TOUCHES HER WRIST! It may be just me, but I find wrist touching to be quite intimate (and sexual). And to be completely shallow, they both look absolutely lovely all dressed up. Also, the scene was filmed beautifully. Okay, enough.
13.21 (I Don't)
Gates: Hey, Ray, what's shakin'?
Ray: Dry and dirty? I should have figured that one out.
Gates: Actually, I, uh, prefer the tequila sunrise because of all the pretty colors.
Ray: Asshole.
Gates: Hey, Ray. I don't know if you noticed, but there's a party going on here, everybody's having a good time, dancing, so any time you feel like, you know jumping in, just get off your little stool and, you know...
Ray: You're a real prick, you know that?
Gates: What's, uh, what's your damage, Ray?
Ray: My damage is you walked into our ER like you owned the place. I don't appreciate that. Nobody else does.
Gates: Okay, I realize that you don't like me, but sooner or later you're going to have to get used to living with me, 'cause I ain't going nowhere.
Ray: You want to leave a mess wherever you go, that's up to you. But there are two things I will not let you screw around with. That is patient's lives and...
Gates: And what, Ray?
Ray: And her.
I realize that Neela isn't directly in this scene, but rather a bystander. And I also realize that this is the direct precursor to the accident, which makes this an unconventional choice in my Ray/Neela lovefest picspam. But I love the fact that Ray FINALLY really lays into Gates (albeit, the time and place wasn't ideal). Gates just comes off as a smug bastard. But I really chose this scene because of two words: AND HER.
Okay, we all know what happens now. This incredibly horrible accident that devastated our hearts and took Ray out of Neela's life. I almost thought of keeping this entire part out of the picspam, but it's such an important part of their story, that I had to include it. Even though my heart hurts every time I think about it.  So here goes.
13.23 (The Honeymoon Is Over)
Neela: Maybe I could come visit you.
Ray: Don't.
Neela: What?
Ray: Just don't tell me that you're going to do something when I know you won't.
Neela: Why don't you think that I'd come to visit you?
Ray: Because that's what our relationship is, Neela. You give me hope and I, like a fool, believe you.
Neela: Ray, that's not true.
Ray: It is true. I've waited for you, I trusted you, I fought for you and I even fell in love with you. And for what? So you could just keep running back to Gates?
Neela: I'm not, that's what I've been trying to tell you. It's over. Tony and I are done.
Ray: Well, it doesn't really matter now, does it?
Seriously, just as I was starting to pick up the pieces of my last heartbreak (when Neela moved out), my heart got broken again and a million times worse. My heart just hurts thinking about this scene. They both just look so sad. Neela guilty, Ray resigned. The only thing that really bothers me about the scene is that Neela still isn't accepting responsibility for the fact that she was a complete tease. She gave him hope. And obviously she did it because she had genuine feelings for him and just didn't know how to deal with them, but it just made that ish with Gates even more icky. She should have just taken time to be on her own. Anyway, Ray's line about waiting for her and trusting her and fighting for her and falling in love with her was just. I cannot.
13.23 (The Honeymoon Is Over)

Neela: You're going to get through this, I promise.
It's hard to say that I loved any of these post-accident scenes because they're all just so sad. But I really loved the fact that it was obvious that Ray's mother knew how much Neela meant to her son. She was perfectly nice to Katie (ugh), but she knew that Neela was "the girl." And then Neela kissing Ray on the NECK and telling him that "he'll get through this." And then the way that they look at each other. I really thought this was going to be the last time they saw each other, which made it all the more sad.
After a heartbreak of this magnitude, I stopped watching ER altogether. At that point, Ray/Neela were ER for me. But then, Season 15 Episode 5 happened. And I came crawling back. And I'm so happy I did, because Haunted was a quite perfect episode.
15.05 (Haunted)
Neela: Morris, you can't be paging me every five minutes, what is it?
Morris: Very, very sick patient in curtain three.
Neela: Well, he doesn't look that sick, he's walking around. What's his complaint?
Morris: Uh, he's turning green.
Neela: Hello, I'm Dr. Rasgotra, how can I help you?
Ray: Mmm... neck hurts.
Neela: Mhm, I see. And anything else?
Ray: Need brain transplant.
Neela: Sir, this is an ER, with real patients who are sick and need our help.
- Ray takes off the mask -
Ray: Hey roomie.
Neela: You bastard! Oh my God!
ADJKFDJSK VAJEVFKDJA;FDJA!  THIS SCENE IS SO FREAKING PERFECT. I CANNOT EVEN THINK AND WRITE COHERENTLY RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OMG RAY IS BACK. Yeah, those were definitely my thoughts when I first saw this scene. I mean, I knew he was coming back for the episode and that was the only reason that I watched, but still. So great. So funny to watch Neela try to humor the patient and then just completely give up. And the transformation of her face from complete annoyance to euphoria was so fabulous. And then he says HEY ROOMIE and she says YOU BASTARD and they HUG and SHE SMILES FOREVER. Perfection. The only thing that isn't perfect is Ray's hair.
15.05 (Haunted)
Ray: Hi, I'm Ray Barnett.
Neela: Oh, sorry, this is Simon Brenner, new attending. This is, uh, Ray, used to work here.
Brenner: Oh, so, so you've been lucky enough to work with the brilliant Dr. Rasgotra?
Ray: I've had that privilege, yes.
Ray: So that Brenner guy.
Neela: Aha.
Ray: Kinda seems like a dick.
I contemplated leaving this scene out because I liked the idea of keeping Brenner as far away from Ray and Neela's loveliness as possible, but I really did love this scene. Mostly because Brenner looked like a bumbling idiot, Neela looked so awkward and uncomfortable and Ray looked so amused. The way he looks at Brenner and then introduces himself and then his last line in the elevator? Priceless. Oh, and I really wish Ray would have said: "Oh yeah, I also had the privilege of living with her, so suck it." Ugh, do not like him. At all.
15.05 (Haunted)
I chose these scenes not for their dialogue, but for their meaning. In the first scene, Ray is just watching her do her doctor thing and you can tell that he is so proud of how far she has come. In the second, Neela watches Ray run with his prosthetics and she is so amazed by him. They both have grown so much as individuals and they are both proud of who the other has become.
15.05 (Haunted)
Neela: You want some more orange beef?
Ray: Uhm, no, anymore of that and I won't be able to fit through the door.
Neela: Well, then I guess you'll just have to stay here and never leave.
Ray: well, don't tempt me.
Neela: Actually, it'll be nice, it gets lonely around here sometimes.
Ray: Yeah, I know what that's like.
Neela: Don't you have your mom nearby?
Ray: Mhm. She's great, but a lot of the time she doesn't get it. She can't understand why I don't want her help.
Neela: Must be frustrating.
Ray: Yeah, I just think that deep down she's a... a little worried that I might... I kinda freaked her out at one point, so.
Neela: When?
Ray: Was a long time ago, was a bad time.
Neela: What happened?
Ray: It was at the hospital, after the accident. I tried to hurt myself. I tried to kill myself. Vicodin.
Neela: I wish I'd known, I would've tried to help.
Ray: No, no, it was something I had to go through on my own. And I feel pretty strong now, having overcome all that.
I really love how open these two are with one another. And Neela clearly misses him. And while I know that he misses her, I really like that she's the one that seems to be showing it more. For once.
15.05 (Haunted)
Neela: You know, I felt responsible for what happened, I still do sometimes.
Ray: Neela, I was drunk and stupid, and I was standing in the middle of the road in the middle of the night.
Neela: The way I handled things was -
Ray: Neela, let it go, I have.
Ray: After the accident, uh, I had a lot of time to look at my life and what I had to do to get back on my feet again, literally, and it's getting everything that happened before, it's put that into perspective
THEY'RE DANCING. AND THEY ALMOST KISS. AND NEELA FINALLY ADMITS TO BEHAVING POORLY. AND RAY TELLS HER TO LET IT GO. AND THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER. AND THEIR CLOSENESS. AND THIS SCENE IS ALL KINDS OF PERFECTION. My heart was racing throughout this entire scene. I really have nothing else to say about this scene except for the fact that I HATE Brenner SFM and I am pissed that he showed up. But NOTHING could ruin this scene because IT IS THAT PERFECT. And when Neela finally answers the door, she is so cold toward him and I loved it. He says "okay, I'll go" and she says "yeah, please do." Loved it.
15.05 (Haunted)
Ray: It's getting late, and I should go.
Neela: You don't have to.
Ray: It's been a great day, a fun night. But I have that conference in the morning, so.
Neela: You can stay here instead of driving to the hotel.
Ray: I'm in a good place now, and you seem good too. I'm going to go.
Ray: See you soon.
They kiss for only the second time. And it's so sweet. Neela clearly wants him to stay, but he turns her down. Can I just way that the way he whispered "see you soon" was so sexy. Neela clearly thought so too.
15.05 (Haunted)
There was no dialogue in this scene, but I decided to include it because it was filmed beautifully. It was quite reminiscent of the scene in season 12 when Neela moves out, only this time Ray is the one who is leaving. Although, unlike its predecessor, I felt that this scene was quite hopeful. Neela is finally realizing that she is in love with Ray and has been for a long time.
15.21 (Shifting Equilibrium)

Ray: Finally... Are you really here?
Neela: Yeah, I really am.
PERFECTION! PERFECTION! PERFECTION! Ray looks fine! (I'm so glad he cut his hair!) And Neela is glowing! (I mean, I  know Mindi is pregnant here.) But she looks stunning. This scene is all about the non-verbal communication. I love just watching Ray's change of expressions throughout the scene. First surprise. Then disbelief. Then slight apprehension. Then happiness. I'm kinda glad this scene wasn't too shmoopy. It was just. I don't even know. It just was.
And that concludes the second part of my picspam. I hope you enjoyed it!

Some highlights are posted at my tumblr.

Comments are love.
lapiccolinalapiccolina on April 15th, 2011 06:58 am (UTC)

I'm surprised you didn't picspam the scene of them with Neela settling in at the new place. Neela is saying hi to everyone, including Gates and Brenner on the webcam and Ray comes up behind her and says hello.

It felt like a petty haha. LOL.

I loved it.

Here - this scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCVNrkyyStA&feature=related
propiavoz: b&s; rebecca; arms crossedpropiavoz on April 15th, 2011 01:38 pm (UTC)
oh yeah, and tells her that he brought the stuff she wanted from HOME! BECAUSE THEY LIVE TOGETHER?!?!

yeah, i should have put that. i think i just got lazy.
starry_laa: Ray and Neela: HOHstarry_laa on April 15th, 2011 10:20 am (UTC)
This is absolutely brilliant. I loved some of the things you pointed out (like the mirroring of the exit scene, except this time it was Ray leaving and not her.)

There was a time when I had memorised all of that 13.23 bedside scene- and so many lines of theirs in general. They were so brilliant!

Lol, Shane's hair has always been a bit questionable.

Thanks so much for this lovely picspam.
~sammy: ϟ nk » michael » i do what i have to do docrock06 on April 15th, 2011 04:00 pm (UTC)
your picspam is amazing - love these two so much!
i don't know why nobody told you.: ♥oneaccolade on April 15th, 2011 10:27 pm (UTC)
ALFJSALJFKAJFA. ty for this, it'll be nice to reference when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Edited at 2011-04-15 10:27 pm (UTC)
dragonday: rigginsdragonday on April 18th, 2011 12:45 am (UTC)
omg mands! Your back it's been forever.. hope all is well with you.

This picspam is amazing you just made me re-live all those precious Reela moments (and they were RARE).. Squeee, happy place. Makes me want to dig up my clips and watch. I've sort of forgotten them.

You just missed the last scene when we see them on the webcam but this was a great ending.. "finally.."

Have a good one.
propiavoz: b&s; rebecca; arms crossedpropiavoz on April 18th, 2011 03:15 pm (UTC)
oh hey, hun! it has been forever! i hope everything is well with you, too!

i'm glad you enjoyed it. i remembered the last webcam scene (which was cute, because he brought things from HOME), but i kinda wanted my picspam to end with the drama of the "finally" scene. plus, i got lazy towards the end.
erstwhile_jaberstwhile_jab on May 14th, 2011 02:26 pm (UTC)
finally got around to part 2 - and yeah, definitely after my exams, i'm going to dive headfirst back into my ER dvds...or at the very least, watch episodes that contain select scenes...

hee! i love pretty pictures and i love the roomies sfm, so this picspam is pure love. i, too, love, looove the dirty look from neela over her shoulder at ray - it's just so neela and hilarious and in response to how he was looking at her. and oh, "you'll get through this, i promise" and the kiss on the neck and how he turns to look at her - i used to tear up at that part, it was heartwrenching.

i don't think you've missed anything, not anything major in terms of their screentime, so whatever else i may mention below is just stuff i'm pulling from memory because i used to look for even the slightest bit of a roomies moment in everything :P also, a lot of them aren't scenes featuring roomies' moments per se, but more references to them. a lot of it is jealous!ray! being jealous and gates being a dick.

- there's a scene in an earlier episode, episode 2 of the 13th season, where they're drinking beers at weaver's party and gates comes to bother them: jealous!ray! is freakin' cute (and hot) and gates is just gross (and why didn't neela see that, i don't know, writers are crazy, etc etc), and then there's the "i heard she had a roommate and he never tried to sleep with her" - "what a dilweed", which makes me lol every time because gates IS the biggest dilweed that ever lived.

- he offers to carry her things in the 3rd episode, when she's about to start her surgical rotation. it's about five seconds long and they make plans to blow up the building and it fed my heart a leetle more.

- when annoying!katey! arrives and ray stops them to tell neela he's still getting her mail (and she gets the cheque re: michael) and katey is all 'i hope you had benefits' with THAT particular roomie (because she's already planning how she definitely will...ugh)

- episode 6...i think? where crenshaw is being a jerk to neela but she's still kicking ass and there's a scene where they're all in the trauma room and ray is just admiringly watching her being a total surgical badass...it's almost akin to the look in season 15, Haunted, that you've captured up there - all proud and in awe of her.

- and also in the same episode, jealous!ray! rears his head again when gates pulls neela away from him (and katey) to check out something stupid for him, and ray can't focus on the job at hand anymore because he wants to kill gates already (or at least shove him into a supply closet and throw away the key)

- christmas episode of season 13 - you know ray only helped gates go find those kids because he overheard that it was to help neela. it was all over his face (well, that and his unfortunate pedo-tache) and later, when he warns gates to not eff things up and gates is all 'ahh, you're cryptically talking about neela, aren't you?' and ray's all, 'yes, i am...dilweed'. except not quite like that :P

- episode 10, with neela being sort of jealous of ray and katey together and trying to play concerned friend, and ray calling her out on her bs and telling her she made her (poor, very, very poor) choice in gates and that she can't "have it both ways", which is code for 'i can only play lovesick puppy for so long, you know?' i actually really liked that scene. except for how it made neela go jump into bed with gates. ew.

- jealous!ray! watching neela and gates (very awkwardly and uncoordinatedly) making out through the window of an exam room or someplace and then later, marching up to ask katey out in front of neela. and my heart died a little at both events.

I love this and you for reminding how lovely and tragic they were!
erstwhile_jaberstwhile_jab on May 14th, 2011 02:38 pm (UTC)
oh wait, more random moments spewing forth:

- somewhere in the middle of the season, let's say episode 15 or so, they're getting coffee and being friends again, and she's burbling about how she's really loving saving people's lives via that transplant donor program and he's just enjoying her chatter and company and i want to hug him.

- post-kiss and they're still slightly awkward at work. he sort of asks her out to go see his former band play and she thinks it's still a bit soon and he's like "so we're still waiting?" and you can tell he thinks this waiting business has gone on long enough but he's still so hopeful that if he can be patient, he'll get the girl, so he laughs it off and lets her have it her way and man, it's so sad to re-watch these episodes because you know what's coming for them.

This is making me want to go write fanfic or work on my unfinished vids of yesteryear or at least rantily recap some more roomies episodes.
profshallowness: Karen Allen smilesprofshallowness on August 27th, 2011 07:35 am (UTC)
They are just so pretty and adorable! More seriously, your point about Ray almost being too understanding and letting Neela off for hurtful decisions or non-decisions rings true. I think a lot of shippers checked out of season 14, but wahh, the growth in both characters in season 15! Again, thank you for enabling the memories.